About Janel


   Janel Pahl is a Master Photographer and a national judge for the Professional Photographers of America.  In addition, she is a teacher of photography and has inspired aspiring and professional photographers around the world.  She has presented her workshops in Canada, Italy, Korea, England, Ireland and throughout the United States.  Her images have won numerous national and international awards.  Along with her portraits, Janel is an established artist.  Her mediums are the beautiful wax encaustic and hand made paper collage.  Her photography fine art images are published with the Canadian art group Winn Devon.  Janel has shown her work in the prestigious Laguna Beach Art A Fair for 6 years. “My style is focused on natural and dramatic lighting , which evokes emotion.  The goal, for me as an artist, is to cause one to pause, take a second look and rest in a pure form of beauty.”     



Lecturing affiliate associations and state conventions, 1996-current.
PPA National Conventions, portrait safari 1996-98, 2000 early bird, 
       spot light speaker  2004
Canadian National Convention, keynote speaker 1997.
West Coast School 1996.
California Photographic Workshops 1999, 2000, 2001
Maine Photographic Workshops  2001
Mid America School of Photography 2003
South Korea Professional Photographers National Convention  2004
New Jersey School of Photography 2005
Journeys of the Soul Workshops;
Tuscany 2005,  England 2007, Italy 2008, Ireland 2010, Whidbey
Island 2012, Umbria 2014, Umbria 2016